Tricky slopes? Kikuyu grass?  Present machine unstable? Looking for all terrain performance? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it's time to consider a Grillo Climber.

Grillo Climbers have been leading the way in New Zealand for over fifteen years!

It's great the way that Grillo machines work so well under our local NZ conditions including factors such as undulating or steep terrain, long or damp grass as well as dealing with tough vegetation like kikuyu and gorse regrowth. Manufactured in Italy from quality European components, the Grillo range is specifically designed with a focus on safety for the operator and incorporates the latest technical features into the design of each model.

Grillo products are sold and supported only by authorised outdoor power equipment dealers throughout New Zealand. For more information about these products or for help in deciding on the ideal product for your property, please contact us and we can talk through your application and help with friendly advice on the most appropriate model.

Grillo Climber Steep Slope & Tough Terrain Ride On Mowers
Grillo Climber 2WD and AWD ride on mowers are designed for all terrain and are extremely safe whilst providing superior performance on steep slopes. Climbers are fantastic at cutting long grass even over a meter in height on hilly or rough properties.  

There's a model available for most property types and grass conditions and depending on the appropriate model for your property a Grillo Climber will allow you to:
  • Mow safely up and down slopes of up to 30 degrees
  • Mow safely across 20 Degree slopes – even when difficult and slippery
  • Mow very long grass and scrub on steep terrain - Climbers are designed to handle long grass and tough scrub
  • Mow short grass on flat areas as well - at last, a ride on mower that can safely handle any mowing conditions!
Grillo Climbers easily deal with long grass. No longer are you or your family required to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long. With a Grillo Climber you can let the grass grow before you need to head out again! 

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Grillo Climber All Wheel Drive Ride On Mowers

Permanent AWD
(All Wheel Drive)

  • 22.0 hp or
  • 27.0 hp option with:
  • Grammer seat for unparalleled comfort
  • Operator seat/platform - additional vibration dampeners
  • Increased leg room
  • Ergonomic design to enhance operator comfort
Suspended driver seats from Grammer provide optimal seating comfort. Grammer concentrate their design efforts on biomechanics, ergonomics, vibration absorbtion and user friendly operation with the goal of improving end user comfort.

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Grillo MD22N Ride On Mower for Steep Lawns
Grillo MD22N was designed and built to mow lawns on slopes where a high quality finish is required. Lawns on slopes present no problems to MD22N because of its low centre of gravity. Often, safety issues prevent traditional tractor type mowers operating on slopes but to a Grillo MD22N - slopes are where they really perform as well as flat lawns, of course!
  • Mow safely up and down slopes of at least 25 degrees or more
  • Mow safely across slopes – even when difficult and slippery Mow your sloping or steep lawn and leave a high quality finish 
  • Change cutting modes just by moving a quick change lever
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Grillo ZTR Zero Turn Ride On Mowers
The Grillo FX20 zero turn ride on mower has been earning praise from contractors and the professional turf market for it's innovative cutting system as well as for its safe performance on slopes.

The Grillo FX20 ZTR provides customers with a true out front, floating cutting deck as well as the ability to quickly switch between rear discharge and mulching mowing modes while mowing.

Grillo zero turn ride on mowers are perfect for quickly and comfortably mowing large open spaces or sloping terrain.

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Grillo Grass Collection Ride On Mowers
Are you looking for a grass collection or pick up mower that will leave a beautiful finish on your lawn? Are you frustrated that your existing mower is blocking up or won't collect leaves successfully?  The Grillo Range of FD (Front Deck) Ride On Mowers provide further proof of how much attention Grillo dedicate to technical innovation.  Grillo FD series:
  • Provide a beautiful finish on your lawn thanks to an innovative cutting and deck system that floats, following the contour of your lawn.
  • Prevent blocking thanks to a specially designed cutting, collection and grass bin system.
  • Are a pleasure to drive and offer great maneuverability with a tiny turning circle.
  • Provide fuss free maintenance with easy access to the engine and cutting deck.
  • Have professional features like a large, rear collection capability, grass dump from the operators seat, automatic blade cut out when the grass bin is full, out-front floating cutting deck for access under bushes and following the contour of your land, easy deck cleaning and maintenance, deck lift to get over curbs and onto trailers and much more.
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Walk Behind Tractors & Rotary Hoes

Grillo have a range of Walk Behind Tractors and Rotary Hoes.  From home garden use to full commercial applications.

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Trimmer Mowers

If you have lots of long untidy grass and weeds then the Trimmer Mower is the answer.  They are powerful, well balanced and easy to use.

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