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Parkland Products is the sole importer and distributor of Grillo in New Zealand.  What we particularly love about Grillo is the way their products have been optimised for our local conditions.  Grillo is an Italian outdoor power equipment company specialising in ride on mowers, rotary hoes, trimmer mowers and walk behind tractors.

Grillo products are sold only by outdoor power equipment dealers in New Zealand.

Our Philosophy

We don't just say we believe in the Grillo product.  We are really passionate about it - and not just the product, but in the Italian company behind the Grillo brand.  Grillo Italy is a company of people who are proud of their history. The company has been manufacturing its products for over 50 years and was started by the current managing director's father.  We think this is a great place to start.  These machines aren't just turned out on a never ending production line. A lot of care is taken in the design, function, manufacturing, style and after sales support.  The result is a set of machines that we in turn are proud to represent in New Zealand.  They are specialised so you won't find them everywhere.  That also means they'll do the job you need - every time as they've been optimised for our local conditions.  It also means that our dealers have something unique to offer their customers.  It's a win win situation. With spare parts stocked in our fully managed warehouses we can can provide parts quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

Our aim is to fully develop the Dealer channels in New Zealand.  NZ has a great outdoor power industry - one that we're glad to be a part of and an industry that has a big future.  We believe that dealers are instrumental in providing a customer with the right machine, the best support and ongoing service.  As a result we choose to support our dealers with unique products that can add value to their business and differentiate themselves from their competitors.  We also aim for the best margins we can and a high level of support from us.  As well as national advertising and marketing we talk to customers and put them in touch with their local dealer on the spot and we'll work with that dealer as much as they need us to, to ensure they get everything they need to see that customers purchase the right machine for their particular application.