Climber 9.21 in Childers, QLD cutting long, thick grass and normal yard grass

I bought a 9.21 from Sunshine State Mowers and absolutely love it. It does everything I was told it would and more. I have since spoken to the mower shop in Maryborough who is now a Grillo dealer and who’s name escapes me, and I have told them it is ok to hand out my mobile number should anyone wish to see and have a demo. You are welcome to do likewise, my number is 0439 66 11 21, I live in Apple Tree Creek (just near Childers) and am willing to show anyone if they want to drive there. I have long thick grass and short ‘normal yard’ grass to do a demo on and have plenty of steep slopes to test it on. I have also done a review on if you want to have a look. 9-21.html  Put simply, this mower is amazing and once you get over the price, you will not regret buying one.