Grillo FD220R Collection Ride On Mower

Excellent Collection and easy Grass Dump
Are you looking for a grass collection ride on mower that doesn't block up all the time?  Are you sick of expensive service bills when gearboxes and drive shafts need repairing?

Grillo FD220R offers the professional results of a much more expensive ride on mower. Thanks to clever deck and blade design the FD220R produces a beautiful finish on your lawn. 

The out-front floating cutting deck ensures a perfect cut even on undulating ground. The rear swinging axle together with the pressure adjustment of the cutting deck (Grillo exclusive) allows the deck to "float" over the ground and therefore eliminates the possibility of scalping the grass. 

The cutting deck’s pressure adjustment is made by activating a simple hand wheel positioned below the driver’s seat; the device modifies the weight balance
between the cutting deck and drive axle of the machine for greater adherence on slopes or in difficult mowing situations where damage could occur on new or wet lawns.

With its large 200 litre collection bin and direct discharge system you can mow for longer and then dump your grass without leaving your seat! Its collection ability is well proven in handling leaf and lawn debris, damp and wet conditions or very long grass!

The professional out front floating deck, (with deck lift pedal for getting over kerbs) follows the ground contours and enables you to mow landscaped areas easily - under bushes and in tight spaces. FD220R even fits through 90cm gates!

Its small turning circle and rear wheel steer makes this a very agile, maneuverable machine achieving a faster mow. The rear wheel steer system provides less than 40cm circle of uncut grass.

The FD220R's collection ability is outstanding. It's not just limited to a beautiful result on manicured lawn. It will collect long and even damp grass - or even side throw using the easy to attach optional deflector kit. 

Blocking is virtually eliminated, due to the design of the direct collection system and deck/blade design which achieves a very high air flow. 

Cleaning is made simple with easy access to the engine, detachable deck and quick coupling water hose port on the deck.

FD220R features a 16HP Vanguard twin cylinder engine and other advancements including a magnetic door closing system which closes the bin door fast after a discharge.  

An electromagnetic clutch reduces belt wear and provides automatic blade cut off when the bin is full. 

A deck lift pedal allows easy lift of the deck to climb kerbs or load on to trailers. 

The FD220R is an expert performer which takes your problems of blocking, poor results and frustrating mowing and transforms your experience into a fantastic professional one!
  • 200 litre grass collection bin
  • Magnetic door closing system on grass bin
  • 16HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine
  •  Hydrostatic gearbox
  • Highly manoeuvrable rear wheel steer (leaves less than 40cm circle of uncut grass)
  • Narrow width deck for driving through narrow gates
  • Deck lift pedal to lift the deck up over kerbs
  • Side throw grass discharge option when you don't want to collect
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Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 16HP OHV
Electric start: with 12 v battery.
Blade Engagement: Electromagnetic Clutch

Transmission: hydrostatic
Ground speed: 0-9 km/h with pedal drive.
Cutting height: from 25 mm to 100 mm
Turning Radius: 20 cm
34" (86cm) Cutting Deck - Out-front & floating. Single Blade.
Grassholder: 200litres

Adjustable seat: manual adjustment
Tyres: front 177 x 7, 5-8: Back: 13 x 5.00-6
Parking brakes: with disc
Length: 2345mm: Width: 860 mm: Height: 1170 mm
Productivity: 3500 SqMtr/ Hr
Weight: 260 kg
Includes Tow Bar

Side discharge kit & Mulch kit optional accessories.

FD220R Front View

FD220R Controls

FD220R Dump from the seat

This video shows FD220R working on a domestic lawn in Auckland

More on the  FD220R

Why does the FD220 collect so well?
The unique deck has a single blade with a very high upstand, which forces the grass up through the tube and into the bin. Dealers comment that this is one of the best collection mowers they have ever used.

How will it help me mow faster?
This model offers exceptional manoeuvrability and agility - leaving less than 40 cm grass uncut after a turn. This coupled with the ability to collect and dump 200 litres of grass without leaving the machine makes this model extremely compelling.  As well as this leap forward, the FD220 has been designed with rear wheel steer to create an "almost" zero turn agility - even with a steering wheel.

Performance, engineering and technical standards usually seen on professional out front machines have been transferred onto this small compact model. Even the smallest gardens, and areas with flowerbeds, trees and shrubs where neat finishing is required, can now be mown with speed and precision.

Why is is easy to maintain?
Routine maintenance and deck cleaning has been minimised and simplified so no special skills or equipment are required. Access to the deck is as simple as disconnection and laying the cutting deck on its side.

Why the narrow design?
The minimal width of just 86 cm means this mower can travel down narrow paths, work where hand mowers are normally used or squeeze through tight gates. It is also great for finishing areas inaccessible to mid mount mowers such as under bushes and in corners.

The machine is extremely user friendly, offering excellent forward visibility and is both comfortable and safe to operate.

Quiet and Powerful Engine
The 16HP V twin Briggs & Stratton Vanguard synchro-balanced engine delivers high power and top performance thanks to exceptional torque while keeping fuel consumption, cost and noise levels down.