Grillo GZ1 Rotary Tiller

RRP NZD1,390.00

Price excludes freight and dealer pre-delivery.
Grillo GZ1 tiller is reliable, simple and safe to use and unlike most tillers you get excellent results on hard soil as well.

This model is compact and has a tiller width of 57cm. It’s ideal for tilling the ground near corners or in confined spaces. The tines turn even when the tiller is not moving forward enabling you to put the machine into reverse with very little effort.

Grillo GZ1 is equipped with an active coupling device: When the lever on the handle is depressed the tines engage. When the lever is released the tines stop immediately whilst the engine will keep on running.

The side discs are very useful on soft soil, they help keep the machine in a straight line and also protect the plants around the area being tilled. Side discs should not be used when you till on hard soil that has not been previously turned over.

GZ1 is fitted as standard with two different depth spurs: one is suitable for soft soil while the other is suits hard soiI. Adjustment of the spur determines the working depth.

GZ1 is fast, well-balanced and accurate. The gearbox which is in an oil bath ensures maximum strength and longevity. It was completely designed and manufactured by Grillo in their own facility.

A 3 HP engine ensures the optimum torque for tilling at 2400 rpm.  You can till slowly starting at 80 – 90 rpm or rapidly up to 155 rpm, depending on the soil's condition and the required tilth. The engine power is no obstacle for the GZ1, even if you till in depth with the tiller at its maximum width and completely embedded into the soil.

The handlebar is side adjustable without the need to loosen any screws or knobs. This feature enables the operator to avoid walking on the tilled ground or while working close to fences or under branches. The height-adjustable handlebar will meet even the most demanding user’s requirements and will ensure they find the correct operating position. The handlebar can be adjusted into a lower position to enable easy transportation on the machine front wheel.

An optional furrower is available which is easy to fit and provides great results!


    Engine: Briggs & Stratton 575EX OHV 
    Start: recoil starter 
    Supply fuel: Petrol Displacement: 140 cc, 1 Cylinder 
    Power: 3 HP (2.2 kW) 
    Air cooled Dry air filter 
    Fuel tank capacity: 0.8 L 
    Drive: endless screw in oil bath 
    Gearbox: single speed 
    Clutch: with active coupling 
    Standard rotary tiller: 4 tines + tillers
    Working width 52 cm 
    Hoe system diameter: 28 cm 
    Working width area with side disks: 57 cm Working depth area without side disks: 52 cm Working depth: 28 cm 
    Max. revolutions tiller: 155 rpm 
    Handlebar: Height and side adjustment Standard features: Transfer wheel 
    Safety devices: Machine cut-out on release; mudguards and handlebar according to the law; muffler protection 
    Weight: 35 kg