Grillo Climber 7 Series Range

Grillo Climber – it’s all about safety for you and your family!

The Climber 7 Series range has been designed for smaller lifestyle properties or small blocks where it may not be so rough underfoot and the ground is therefore smoother. Available in two configurations – Climber 7.13 and Climber 7.18 both with 85cm cutting width and tractor wheels. 7 series Climbers are available in either 13hp or 18hp engine options and are also fitted with a powerful headlight for mowing in low light conditions.

The Climber 7 Series will tackle terrain types and long grass that your old mower couldn’t cope with and will allow you to mow safely in damp and slippery conditions. The Climber 7.13 and CL7.18 also feature tractor type wheels, differential lock for providing better traction and front brakes for safe descent and instant stopping. Also, like the heavier duty 9 series machines, the blade engage system is controlled by an electromagnetic clutch and the front wheels have an anti-puncture treatment.

The transmission utilises a quality Kanzaki Tuff Torq hydrostatic gearbox and so 7 Series Climbers perform well on hills or anywhere you find your current mower is unsafe.


The Climber 7.13 features a low slung design and is built for smaller properties where the terrain is sloping or undulating.  It has excellent stability that makes it a popular choice for owners with small blocks that may be not so steep but where increased safety is required. It will also tackle long grass and allow you to mow in all conditions thanks to features such as tractor tyres, differential lock and front drum brakes.


The Climber 7.18 features the same low slung design, has excellent stability, front brakes and differential lock like the Climber 7.13. However, it features an 18HP V-Twin engine, giving you even more power to mow down thicker and longer grass, and more engine power to mow those steeper slopes.