Grillo Climber 9 Series Range

Grillo Climber – it’s all about safety for you and your family!

The Climber 9 Series is the ultimate mower for heavy duty use on big blocks. Designed where maximum performance is required on difficult, sloping, uneven terrain where it might be rough under foot.

With 91cm cutting width as standard, the Climber 9 Series will handle rough terrain, over metre high grass, woody material up to 25mm Ø as well as steep slopes.

The Climber 9 Series comes in two models to suit your application. Choose between 18hp and 22hp engines depending on the size of your property. For a manicured lawn area, the MD22 features a multi-purpose 110cm three bladed cutting system providing a high quality finish thanks to selectable Rear Discharge and Mulching modes.

All 9 series Climbers and MD22 feature a transmission group with a professional Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transmission with an independant gearbox and oil cooler. Blade engage is by electromagnetic clutch and like the Climber 7 series models there are tractor type wheels, differential lock for providing better traction and front brakes for instant stopping and anti-puncture treated front wheels.

Tough conditions present little challenge to 9 series Grillo Climbers. Their low slung well balanced design with low centre of gravity provides the safest mowing solution for you and other family members who wish to help with mowing tasks.


The Climber 9 Series range is designed for mowing applications that are more demanding and where it's possibly rough under foot. You may have larger areas and longer grass than a normal ride on mower can handle.  Your mowing might be demanding and challenging for any type of ride on mower.  The Climber 9.18 with it's heavy duty body, safe, low, stable design and aggressive cutting system, and differential locking will handle very long grass, and mow easily on slopes up to 30 degrees. It's powered by an 18Hp Twin cylinder engine, and features front brakes which enhance control on slopes even further.

The Climber 9.22 will tackle anything - Grass, weeds, bush over a metre tall, scrub, blackberry, thick kikuyu, marshmallow grass, mustard grass, wild oats and more. It will also mow in places you can't even take a tractor. With it's 22HP engine, heavy duty low slung body, differential locking and front drum brakes, the Climber 9.22 is an unstoppable mower. Due to it's ability to go anywhere, mow anything, the Climber 9.22 is perfect for applications that include regularly tackling challenging conditions, for owners who only have irregular opportunities to mow. The Climber 9.22 will even perform in wet, slippery conditions.

The MD22N replaces the previous model MD22.  This model comes standard with a 110cm wide finishing quality cutting deck. The innovative cutting deck is highly functional as it provides both steep and undulating properties with a quality finish that you would expect for a manicured lawn. Its cutting width allows for increased productivity, and the design offers two functions - rear discharge for longer grass (but not high grass) and mulching mode for a high quality finish. A Quick Change Lever allows either mode to be selected. There are many applications that require the design of the MD22N to handle steep terrain but also the quality of a precision deck to produce a manicured finish on a steep lawn. Picture shows optional turf wheels however MD22N comes standard with tractor type tyres.