Light Harvester

The ideal harvesting tool for small or hobby farm applications.

Weighing just 1.8 kg, the Oliviero Light electric olive harvester provides olive farmers with a harvester that can produce up to 80-120 kgs of olives per hour. It's the simplest model in the range but has movement as the more professional Evolution model.

Its the special movement that allows the tool to reach the densest parts of the tree whilst providing high productivity.

Kinder on your body

The Light model weighs so little- unlike motorised backpack models. Vibrations are eliminated enabling you to work comfortably without having to stop for long periods to recover.

No petrol fumes, no noise, no vibrations...

Light is powered by an external battery power source. This can be your tractor or ride-on mower battery or even a separate portable car battery.  A 15m cable connects the tool to the battery. 

The electric motor’s low noise level spares the operator from enduring excessive noise, vibration and also fume pollution from oil and gasoline.

No damage to fruit or tree...

The Light’s lightweight design is perfectly configured to reach dense areas of the tree without any damage to fruit or tree. The oscillating motion removes all ripe and unripe olives while eliminating the need to pole-beat unripe olives or use ladders to access difficult to reach fruit. 

Recommended NZ Retail Pricing incl GST:

Light (for small scale harvesting operations) $1,190.00 

Freight cost to anywhere in NZ $100.00
Battery power source supplied by operator