Log Splitters

Woody Log Splitters - the Smart Log Splitting Choice - from Italy.

Woody Log Splitters, designed and engineered by Balfor in Italy are compact, powerful, easy to handle and comfortable to use, these units are the perfect solution for those who want the option of splitting their own wood to any size.

The 10 Ton Petrol Woody is powered by a B&S 6.0hp engine driving a hydraulic system specially designed for home and commercial use.  The petrol Woody is able to be transported around the property or farm, wherever the wood may be.  It's designed to be housed conveniently in the garage, shed and close to the house.  Simply split your wood as and when you need it - all year round. 

Woody Log Splitters can split hard wood - including and not limited to - blue gum, puriri, twisty gum, knotty macrocarpa and knotty pine.

Safe for the Family

The Woody is safe for the whole family to use because of it's two handed operating system. The small size and attached wheels make these log splitters easy to move around and store.

Clever Engineering

The Woody has been skillfully designed and engineered by Ballario & Forestello, an established Italian engineering company focused on manufacturing high quality and reliable specialist machinery for 25 years.

Highest Quality

The Woody is built to the highest quality standards. They are superior to other cheaper brands available and will not suffer from structural problems such as bending and flexing as experienced on inferior quality products. Computer design has enabled the unit to be built with a limited number of parts, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum.


The Woody is backed up by a 12 months product warranty as a guarantee of it's quality and performance.


Woody 10 Ton Petrol

 Powered  Petrol Engine - Briggs & Stratton 6.0Hp
Splitting Force - Tons
 Dimensions  145 x 40 x 62
 Log Size
 Cycle Time
 Oil Litre
 Weight  120kg
 Safety  Two handed operation
 Speeds  2
 Return  Automatic
 Operation  Vertical

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Balfor 10 Ton Petrol Log Splitter

10 Ton Petrol Log Splitter Video